I Love You ….!!!

I love You for giving your heart to Me

And trusting Me with your Pride

I love you for wanting Me

And needing Me by your side


I Love you for the Emotions

I never new I had

I Love you for making Me smile

Whenever I feel sad


I love you for your thoughts of Me

Where I’m always on your Mind

I love you for finding that Part of Me

That I Never Thought I’d Find


I Love you for the way you are

And for you How you Make Me Feel

But most of all : I Love you


Bcoz I Know, You’re Mine for Real..!!!!



Simply Red…

Imagine What?? The world would be like today, if Enzo Ferrari had never been born? Scores of garages in Beverly Hills, Palm Beach and Monte Carlo would sit empty!!! Grand prix starting grids often would be missing the front two cars, Bragging to your buddies that “one day I’m going to own a Ferrari” would make them ask “what’s that a cat”? Hmm Guess it’s hard to imagine…  

But in 1898 Enzo Ferrari was born and by 1947 the former mechanic turned race driver turned race manager had begun designing cars that stood the test of time for more world champions across the world. 

Today, Ferrari prancing-horse logo is more than symbolic; it’s the most revered emblem Ferrari’s won most of the world championships and hoisted a skyward bar for automotive performance n pulchritude and arouse like no other “Marque” the most galvanic noun in the automotive lexicon: lust.


In Love with Nature….

Far from the chaos of urban life,These days much of my time is spent in solitude,Offlate I see myself have luxury of time to go in for a Long walk in the nearby woods and this had become a daily routine of mine,One such long walk today took me to a marvellous surrounding which closely resembled the Image of the orginal header of my blog,Back at home I couldn’t resist the urge to restore my Blog’s header Image to its original one as it was awesome to look at than a customised header Image I had put in across..Guess these days am in love with Nature !!!-) 

Expressing Gratitude..

Fate gives all of us three teachers, three friends, three enemies and three great lovers in our lives, But these twelve are always disguised and we can never distinguish until we have learned from them, Loved them, left them or fought with them. Sounds crazy though But I Trade in …


In everyone’s Journey through life different People would walk in and walk out for a reason or a season but few souls among them might remain for a life time and do actually inspire, mentor and transform us leaving their footprints in our heart. -) I express my gratitude to all such wonderful souls who had actually made an impact in my life by shaping me into what I am today…As a matter of fact my blog is an Inspirational outcome from one such wonderful person….


Life on the Fast track..

The very sight of Mind blowing beauties such as BMW Roadstar z4’s, Lambhorgini’s and Ferrari’s cruising past me on the fast track makes my Heart Race….

For the person that I am, Their very presence enthralls me; I can’t help myself but pause to admire the design excellence of these Beauties calibrated to deliver sheer fun on the run.. At speeds these cars cruise Err.. burning the rubber on the surface makes the pilot behind the wheel feel the gush of adrenalin rush through his veins. The word pilot is deliberately called upon, as one requires high degree of precision and control to Manouvere, which at times feels intimidating to keep the beast on the tracks…

I wonder, would I ever get to experience the sheer thrill to steer such exotic cars, My wild guess! ;-) A day would come for me sooner or later where in I would find myself cruising on the autobahn expressway designed specially for those very few like me who might get to test the full potential of these exotic beauties!!!!

Lucky are those who actually posses them..

For them life would always be on the fast track….-)

Wealth vs Happiness !!!

Often a recurring Thought dwindles in my mind!!!

Is everyone capable of achieving Great wealth ?

Do we define rich too narrowly ? Would I be Happy or content if I achieve great financial wealth? How does this sound?? Is our only destiny of being alive is to make wealth ?Then why are we in a mad rush to make money carried away by thoughts that Wealth alone can induce happiness in our life’s…. 

Well I guess this quote holds good to many of us “Until you make peace with who you are… you’ll never be content with what you have” 

However, my intuition tells me I wouldn’t really be any happier than I am now being rich, At this point in my life I am financially comfortable, but certainly not rich by any standards, At times I don’t even think it is my destiny to have a lot of money. 

Having experienced both the ups and downs of the financial seesaw till date , I learned two valuable lessons: (1) you can’t buy happiness and (2) you can’t wish it into being from nothing. 

Guess the quest in me to search for happiness took some time to soak in to realize that genuine happiness has to be discovered and you can’t discover unless u have the luxury of time to enjoy and appreciate the simple things in life. These are inexpensive, often free things and activities that afford great pleasure !!!

Real connection to life is to cherish these moments of simple pleasure…A sense of genuine enjoyment N cherishing Moments….!!!!  -)

The ecatasy of Nature

For me, arriving at Greenville, SC was a traveller’s delight.Nothing can mesmerize your senses better than the smell of fall that permeates the air, One can’t deny the beauty of any variety of palm trees, The lush evergreen landscape of Greenville is a nature lover’s paradise, Colourful tropical flowers and plants were forever sashaying their brilliance under the golden rays of the sun. What could be as beautiful? Greenville in the fall!